The Real Football Factories – First shown on Bravo

Football violence is as old as the beautiful game. Organised trouble exploded in the ’60s, as tales of football hooliganism hit the headlines for the first time. Rival firms fought before, after and sometimes during matches.

The Real Football Factories explores notorious gangs like West Ham’s Inter City Firm and Chelsea’s Headhunters, as well as the culture and fashion surrounding hooliganism.

Football Factory star Danny Dyer meets the men behind the headlines, from infamous retired faces to fearless junior gang members.

Each episode explores a different region’s hooligan history, from London to England fans abroad. The Real Football Factories features extensive archive footage, as well as exclusive film from police and the hooligans themselves.

Episode 1 – London

Episode 2 – North West

Episode 3 – Scotland

Episode 4 – England

Episode 5 – Yorkshire

Episode 6 – Midlands