The majority of content and research on this website was originally written by Robin Manser, who founded the Football Research Organisation UK (FROUK). If you are using any of the content in your work, Robin should be cited as the original author.

Unfortunately, the website lapsed and became unavailable meaning that the valuable information could no longer be accessed or used by future researchers.

In 2015, Michael Watson began the task of restoring and updating the website from its internet archive, in the hope of making the information available once again. The result of this update project is what you see today. I have made sure not to make any changes to the original work, only to update various dates, facts and statistics where applicable.

I hope that you find the updated website as useful as previous generations found the original version. If I have made any errors or omissions, please contact me to let me know.

As with the original website content, Robin’s terms of use are still applicable. You are free to use the information found on this site in your own research. I would ask that if your research is published online, you link back to this website as the original source of any information you use. Also, Robin Manser should be cited as the original author of the work.

Thank You.